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New Investment opportunity in Bahria Enclave Islamabad

posted by: zaighum shabbir in Blog

Good news for  investors. Bahria Enclave Islamabad announced a new deal of 10 Marla plots in sector C2. Location is beautiful and has a potential to grow rates. Land is clear and cutting area with no filling. no transfer-fee or tax will be applied at the time of  purchasing . 

Its a great  investment opportunity. For further details:

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Enclave Head Office Shifting to Bahria Enclave Islamabad

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Mr Bahria is presenting a great news for Bahria Enclave Islamabad’s clients. Bahria Enclave’s Management is finally shifting Head Office from Golf City to Civic Zone Sector H Bahria Enclave. 30th April, 2019 is the date that is announced for relocation. Transfer and record section are also been shifted to Bahria Enclave.  After 30th April, 2019 clients won’t have to travel miles to Golf City. Just to transfer their plots or for any sort of problem.

After 30th April, 2019 any sort of corporate related issue  from plot transfers to possession related affair can be handled  and resolved here in Bahria Enclave Islamabad which will be a great relief for Dealers, Investor, residents and  builders who had to travel to Golf City every day for every little affair.


A view of Bahria Enclave Islamabad Head Office

A view of Bahria Enclave Islamabad Head Office


Impact on Market

Transfer of Head Office to Bahria Enclave Islamabad will have a great impact on market. It will be a great mile stone to uplift market as we saw in recent past when Bahria Town shifted their head office from Bahria Town Phase I to  Phase VIII Rawalpindi. Market took it very positively, Rates took a hike. In This Light we think market will have a likewise impact which makes it a right time to invest. 


Benefits of Head Office Relocation

  • Trading will be a lot easy.
  • It will be a time saver.
  • Clients won’t have to travel Miles
  • Trading will be more fast.




Good News for Bahria Sports City Members

posted by: zaighum shabbir in Blog

100% Surcharge Waiver  

Bahria Town Karachi announced a 100% Surcharge waiver upon updating due installments of Bahria Sports City project, till 15th Feb 2018.  offer is only available for active properties blocked files of Bahria Sports City are not applicable.

Real image of public notice: 

Bahria Town Keeps on Serving Humanity

posted by: Mohsin in Blog

Cochlear Transplant: Dozens of children treated at Bahria Town Hospital

blog 1


Dr Khan told the media that those born without the ability to speak or hear could be treated through the procedure. He said children born with the medical problem had a better chance of recovery if they were operated on before reaching two years of age. He said they recommended this procedure until the age of five. “This is the only facility in the country offering free operations for deserving patients. One operation costs between Rs1.8 million and Rs2 million,” he said. Eight to 10 operations will be performed every day from May 24 to May 30, said Khan who has travelled from England to perform the operations


Bahria Karachi New Booking

posted by: Mohsin in Blog

Bahria Town Karachi new Booking plan


  • 125 Sq.yds Residential

  • 200 sq.yd s Villas

  • 950 sq.ft  2 bed apartment 

Payment Schedule



Malik Riaz Poised to Compensate Edhi’s loss

posted by: Mohsin in Blog


Bahria Town’s CEO Malik Riaz Hussain has decided to pay maximum compensation to the world-renowned social activist Abdul Sattar Edhi for the dacoity in Edhi Welfare Centre.

Malik Raiz said “Edhi is the most honorable and respected personality and I can’t stand to see him troubled”. He added that he will pay maximum compensation amount to cover for Edhi’s loss.

At least eight armed dacoits stormed into the Edhi welfare centre in the Mithadar area of Karachi on Sunday. Abdul Sattar Edhi was held hostage by the armed men who raided the centre, taking away millions of rupees.

Sindh High Court allowed Bahria Town to resume work on Clifton Flyover

posted by: Mohsin in Blog


A division bench headed by Aqeel Ahmed Abbasi gave the order on an appeal of the real estate company against the impugned order of the single bench.

The Bahria Town, represented by Advocate Fiaz Hussain Shah, submitted that the respondent Defence Housing Authority instituted a lawsuit against the project without any locus standi and the single bench restrained it from raising construction over the project.

The Bahira Town counsel submitted that a project for construction of underpass and flyover in front of A.T. Naqvi Chowk, BT Icon and Park Tower was originated by the Karachi Municipal Corporation for citizens and it was a long pending issue in government files.

Subsequently, he said, the real estate tycoon launched its project “Bahria Town Icon Tower” and offered to the KMC to exclusively finance the said project which was, after adopting all formalities, approved by the municipal authority.

Advocate Shah said that the Bahria Town agreed to bear financial expenditures for completion of the project at an estimated cost of Rs1.8 billion.

Subsequently, he said, the site was handed over to the appellant for execution of work and it started construction work and dug out the entire road from the A.T. Naqvi Chowk up to Park Towers.

The counsel said that the DHA with mala fide intentions and ulterior motives instituted the lawsuit and got a restraining order against the Bahria Town.

He said that entire construction work was stagnated due to the restraining order causing great inconvenience to citizens as well as the appellant.

The counsel said that a huge amount money of the appellant was reserved for this project and continuance of the stay order for an indefinite period would cause great prejudice to the project.

The counsel contended that the condition at the site was very dangerous due to massive digging and excavation work and it was imperative to complete the work prior to the monsoon otherwise not only the vicinity but the entire city might suffer.

He asked the court to set aside the restraining order against the Bahria Town and allow the appellant to continue work on the project.

The bench accepted the Bahira Town’s plea and issued notices to the DHA and other respondents for April 23.

World’s 7th largest mosque opens for worshippers

posted by: Mohsin in Blog

Lahore: Former president Asif Ali Zardari inaugurated the Bahria Town Grand Jamia Masjid on Sunday.

The mosque is billed as being the seventh largest of its kind. The main hall of the mosque can accommodate 25,000 worshippers and it has a total capacity of 70,000. It has 21 domes and four 165 feet high minarets. These specifications make it the largest mosque in Pakistan in terms of covered area. Much of the building has been designed by Nayyar Ali Dada. It features marbled floors, tailor-made chandeliers and its ornate halls have been beautified with 4,000,000 mosaic tiles. The tiles have been handcrafted by artisans from Multan.


An area on the second floor of the mosque has been reserved for women. The basement of the mosque has been reserved for an Islamic art gallery and a religious school. These will start functioning in a few months.

Speaking to The Express Tribune, Arfan Ghani, an architect, said the building followed traditional Mughal architecture. He said it had similar a similar scale and proportion.

Bahria Town chairman Malik Riaz said on Monday that the real estate developer had constructed scores of mosques in Lahore and Islamabad. He was speaking after the Bahria Town Grand Jamia Masjid was opened to the public on the first day of Eidul Azha. Riaz said the mosque would become the hallmark of Lahore Bahria Town. He also hoped the mosque would become a symbol of Pakistan across the Muslim world.

Allama Shamsul Arfeen, the imam of the mosque, led the prayers and explained the significance of sacrifice in the Eid sermon.  Several bureaucrats, religious scholars and noted people from all walks of life were present on the occasion.




Investment in Safe Hands

posted by: Mohsin in Blog

Bahria town “turning modern Pakistan into reality” has entered the next level after successful implementation of Bahria projects in Rawalpindi/ Islamabad. Seems like Malik Riaz is going to be considered in the line of top strategist when it comes to grab success with the new innovative ideas that’s comes on routine basis. Bahria town is considered as the ruler of housing societies; for the reason that they treat their residents like kings by providing them with all the possible facilities matching international standards which make their life a living heaven, currently another feature “Bahria home insurance” is considered as cherry on top of the cake.
Bahria Town proudly announced its distinctive initiative of providing Home Insurance (Inclusive of Apartments) for its populace of all phases with effect from 1st May, 2014.
Bahria Town and EFU General Insurance / Saudi Pak Insurance have signed a contract that was held at Bahria Town corporate office.
Ayaz Khan, VCE of Bahria Town and Malik Akbar Awan, Deputy Managing Director of EFU General Insurance made representation for signature formalities. Wg Cdr. (R) Ayaz Khan, VCE of Bahria Town and Raja Naeem Tariq Chief Financial officer (acting CEO) Saudi Pak Insurance (SPI) were the signatories of the contract for Bahria Town Islamabad.
One of the biggest home owner insurance reimbursement is the fact that your investment will be protected. This initiative has been taken to protect the property and assets of the whole community living in Bahria Town; it’s one of its own kind & most innovatory effort in Pakistan.

The Most Lucrative Investments in Pakistan

posted by: Mohsin in Blog

Commercial Real Estate 

Though the property market is of Pakistan is not one of the best places in the world for investment still there are a lot of people looking forward to invest in. In Pakistan, investing in commercial properties is an amazing opportunity as there are many places where you can invest without any kind of risk. Let me share it with you all.

Location of a commercial property is one of the most important concerns that must be considered before investing in Pakistan properties. Keep in mind it is the location that makes one property superior to the other. You must find out the property at a prime location that can suit to your target audience and work well for you in terms of making money.

As commercial real estate is one of the most lucrative investments in Pakistan what you need to do is to be confident that you have done a wise investment. I am saying it because stock market faces wide fluctuation on daily basis while commercial properties in Pakistan work on slow and steady basis in both up or down sides. You can neither say that one property you have bought in million will worth billion next day nor the property will be sold in few thousands rupees tomorrow.

Right now, Pakistan is having multiple commercial real estate options and one famous option is investing in Bahria Town. It is emerging opportunity that can be easily turned into wise investment for a long run. You can also invest in industrial properties that can be used as massive storage spaces or active industries. Office spaces are also available in different urban areas of Pakistan that can be occupied for some business activity. You can also get empty lots to build commercial business establishments according to your business needs.

The one big downside of commercial property investment is that it needs more investment as compared to residential properties but if you are looking to invest in Lahore, Karachi and estate market then invest in commercial properties as they give greater ROI.

Bahria Town Building Good Will

posted by: Mohsin in Blog

Most of the time organization motive is judged by the things they do voluntarily for the betterment of society. Goodwill among customer is always an eye catching tool for most of the organizations, once you took an admirable place in customer heart, it will last long term as loyalty to that brand. Coming to Bahria town Malik Riaz always come up with the most innovative ideas, counting from Corporate social responsibilities actions like Bahria Dastarkhan, donating millions of rupees to affected people in Thararker , going diversified as new initiator in retail market launching green valley, Bahira Town always set values and still they are going invincible.

Another hot topic that is going on air now days is that for the very first time some private investment has been made for the infra structural development & yet again its is none other than Bahria town. Resources confirmed that Bahria town invested Rs 1.89 billion to the KMC, For the purpose of constructing 1 flyover and 2 underpasses. Seems like Bahria town team is adopting gurialla attack tactic as their marketing strategy very absolutely, in order to make their customer realize that they are valuable by launching innovative new project one after another. Bahria Town again grabs the position of pioneer between private organizations to invest in infrastructural development of Pakistan.

Chairman Bahria Town; Mr. Malik Riaz Hussain stated “This donation to the Sindh Government is not only to provide ease to the residents of the new Bahria Town projects in Karachi but to all the residents of Karachi who have welcomed Bahria Town into their city with such warmth. Although technically it is the government’s duty to construct roads, bridges, underpasses etc but we have taken up this project as it is a noble cause”

Coming to the project, one underpass will be from Kothari Parade over Talwar Chowk and the other one will be between Adullah Shah Ghazi Mazar and Bahria Town Icon. The flyover will be in front of Park Lane Towers. The N.O.C has been taken from the City District Government and work is in speedy development, the projects are estimated to be complete in 4 months. These projects will be financed 100% by Bahria Town & will be building with the latest technology, outfitted with electronic monitoring system matching the international standards. These projects have been designed to recover the standards of traffic flow system in Karachi in order to improve the Living style of citizens of Karachi.

Bahria town’s Clinical Laboratory at Tharparkar

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Bahria Town aid assignment continues assistance process in Thar by opening a clinical laboratory at Civil Hospital Mithi. The real estate king has also delegated money for the pediatrics and maternity wards with stipulation of updated medical equipment at Mithi hospital. Bahira appointed Group of skilled medical doctors along with the latest equipments and infrastructure in order to facilitate the affected people. The group is facilitated with fully operational 50-bed male ward, more than 1,000 drips and other medicines that are provided to patients free of cost on a daily basis.